Activate Transparent


Over the next year until May 2020, we are All collectively being invited to wake up the Mother Energy within. The Mother Energy isn’t restricted to only women who have given birth to children; it’s a universal principle that is part of all of us: women, men, and children. And, just because you have given birth to a child doesn’t mean that you have activated the abundant expression of Mother Energy.

An activation of the Mother Energy will also affect the other side of the polarity - The Father Energy, which also resides in All of us. For 5000 years, the patriarchal power has been deeply rooted in society and government causing an imbalance in humanity. In order to create a potent balance, we also have to activate the highest expression of the Father Energy.

      A balanced Mother and Father Energy expresses as:

        • Powerful, non-dividing boundaries.
        • Nurturing Self-care, which is our unconditional source of care for others.
        • Aliveness, coming from authentic expression – emotionally and verbally.
        • Self-control, leading ourselves to Master our Life Purpose

        I call the activation "Become Transparent"

        Every person has a unique expression of the Mother and Father Energy; a unique code that gets activated in one specific aspect of your life and most likely it’s not in parenting. So, this Transparent activation is for sure beyond parenthood! It’s the birth of your Inner Authority, and living aligned with your Inner Authority sets you free to live your Life Purpose.

        To catalyse the Transparent Activation, I’m inviting you to an individualized three-session program:

        • Activate your unique Mother Energy Code!
        • Activate your unique Father Energy Code!
        • Activate your Life Evolution Code – a 180-degree evolutionary shift that is your source of your true fulfillment!

        For this individualized program, we will meet over skype for three 90-minute sessions – one session per month over a three-month period. Before every session I will read your unique code and how you uniquely activate it. I will share the code with you and then together we will multi-dimensionally clear the way for your to live it!  You will receive a mp3-recording after every session.


        The Transparent program costs $999
        (The normal price for three sessions is $1491)


        You can also pay in three installments, $333 now, $333 a month from now, $333 two months from now (total $999)


        Once you paid your session, you'll get access to my booking calendar.

        I look forward meeting you!

        After trying different courses and workshops I can honestly say that Susanne's mentoring program is out-of-this-world. The transformation I went through during the abundance coaching has been profound. It truly exceeded my expectations. I had no idea that I will re-built myself to such an extent. I've realized how out of tune I was and how my healing practice, finances, relationships and energy level were reflecting it. It came to the point that I started to resent what I was doing. Today I get up with a smile on my face and I have clear vision for my life!
        Susanne's expertise, depth of the energy work is truly life changing. Being in her presence, being with the energies she embodies had enormous impact and transformed me on so many levels. I can't thank Susanne enough. It was a true blessing to have her as a coach. It was one of the best of the best investments in my life so far! I would recommend working with her to anyone who seriously wants to live congruent life, aligned with their soul purpose.

        Magdalena Szpilka