Session with Susanne


Possible activation sessions:

  • Your healing code in relationship with a specific physical symptom.
  • Your abundant expression of work, money and abundance.
  • Your unique expression of love. Each relationship theme has a unique code. You can activate it in relationship to your family, intimate partner, with your friends and colleagues. We can love many people, but it’s not always a love play to relate.
  • Your unique expression of motherhood
  • Your unique expression of the feminine energy – your contact with the nectar of love and beauty.
  • Your unique expression of the masculine energy - your source of determination and courage to walk your unique path in life.
  • Your unique expression of sexuality - let pleasure into your life and with it the creating power.
  • Your connection to the universal mother energy (Become transparent)
  • Your connection to the universal father energy (Become transparent)
  • Meet the life lesson that opens your door to grace and expansion.
  • Your unique expression of communication – Most people destroy what they truly love to create by how they communicate. Your true expression is metamorphic!
  • Your evolving and fulfilling life purpose – Activated around age 40. It will challenge the winning formula of the first 40 years, which won’t be satisfying any longer.


In a session with me:

  • We meet for a 75 min session over skype. I will share your specific code, your manifestation code and get clear of your authentic intention. The YES that will evolve you and embody more of your unique expression in your human life.  I share what's stopping you to already be living your intended reality. We move on to shift as much energy as possible that in the way of letting your unique blueprint to be fully expressed in your life.
  • I also reveal your unique compass, which helps you to navigate and ride your unique path to the embodiment of that theme.
  • The information about your unique abundance blueprint is of value for your whole life. Your unique code and inner compass is the same through out your life. We will record it so you can listen again and again.

Your investment is $497

Once you paid your session, you'll get access to my booking calendar.

I look forward meeting you!


Abundance Blueprint For Your Business Reading

There's not only one way to manifest abundance - There's your unique way!

Yes, we do have universal laws that are the same for everybody, but manifesting for conscious people is a different process for each person.

In this 90 minutes session you will find out:

  • Your unique abundance blueprint. Information about what frequency your Spirit is primary designed in.
  • I will energetically check if your abundance blueprint is aligned with your:
    - Message
    - Offers
    - Marketing
    - Sales process
    - Business structure
  • Where there are mis-alignments I will make suggestions how you can shift in a way it resonate with the frequency of your abundance blueprint.
    (If you are about to start your business and isn't clear about your authentic message, offer, marketing, sales process, business structure, then i will guide you to get clear on that.)
  • You will get practical information how you are designed to manifest your abundance blueprint into grounded physical results though your business.
  • You also get to know your inner compass, meaning how you navigate what's the choices that are aligned with living life as your Self.
  • The session will be recorded and you will get access to it in order to keep it. Your manifesting abundance blueprint is your roadmap for the rest of your life!


Your investment $997

Once you paid your session you'll get access to my booking calendar. Normally I got time to meet you within 2-4 weeks after your booking. I will need some information from you and the questions will be sent out in an email, which I need returned 3 days before the reading.


I love to meet you!

/Susanne Billander

The only true longing is to reconnect to your essence and letting the masculine and feminine life force make love within you.  It is essential for creating an abundant human life YOU love.

My gift is to read your unique divine blueprint and multi-dimensionally guide you home to yourSelf.

Example: In order to assist a quicker shift, it's important to focus on who you are designed to be on a divine blueprint level. Lots of therapy is done trying to solve the consequence of living the a NOT Self life. Instead of clearing the “not good enough” feeling, we could say “it is good that you don’t feel good enough in this area, because it’s not what you are designed to be good at”. If you would be doing who you are, then you can only feel excellent – because no one could do your unique talent as good as you!


After trying different courses and workshops I can honestly say that Susanne's mentoring program is out-of-this-world. The transformation I went through during the abundance coaching has been profound. It truly exceeded my expectations. I had no idea that I will re-built myself to such an extent. I've realized how out of tune I was and how my healing practice, finances, relationships and energy level were reflecting it. It came to the point that I started to resent what I was doing. Today I get up with a smile on my face and I have clear vision for my life!
Susanne's expertise, depth of the energy work is truly life changing. Being in her presence, being with the energies she embodies had enormous impact and transformed me on so many levels. I can't thank Susanne enough. It was a true blessing to have her as a coach. It was one of the best of the best investments in my life so far! I would recommend working with her to anyone who seriously wants to live congruent life, aligned with their soul purpose.

Magdalena Szpilka