- And, learn how to read Abundant Expression of Love for others

    Learning how to activate and read the abundant expression of love for yourself and others facilitates a healthy consciousness and energetic shift around love and relationships in the world. It helps us to see how love is ‘designed’ to be expressed through different people - and love the differences in those expressions. It truly breaks the destructive spells around love and creates the unconditional love experience where we can receive each other's presence as presents.

    The Process

    A balance between activations and learning a skill

    • Two webinars a month for a year (total 24). You get access to lesson two directly after you enroll. And, from then one lesson every two weeks.
    • After every webinar you will receive questions, which are designed to support your READING SKILL and to explore your abundant expression of love.
    • There will be a secret FaceBook group created for this program. It's called The Truth Space. (More information about The Truth Space below.) It starts after the next webinar in August.
    • When every Hexagram, 64 of them, are activated throughout the year, I'll write about them and suggest a specific love activation.
    • After a year you will have all the knowledge to do an ABUNDANT EXPRESSION OF LOVE READING and can offer it as your service, or for your personal benefit.

    The Activation

    It will support you to live YOUR abundant expression of love in your relationships by activating:

    • An abundant feminine energy; abundant receiving, needs, joyous heart, metamorphic expression and the making love with life sexuality
    • The alchemist who turns all receiving (all energies) into gold
    • Being a woman with men and activate the masculine energy in men (stop conscious and unconscious castration)
    • Abundant motherhood
    • Abundant sisterhood with other women
    • A trans-parent relationship with your parents (even if they are dead)
    • A truly amazing human being - YOU!

    The Skill

    Learning how to activate love in the:

    • 5 Energy types
    • 12 Profiles
    • 9 Centers
    • 3 Circuits and sub circuits
    • 64 Gates
    • How to read the main Abundant Expression of Love theme
    • How to read the specific story though the planets and gates
    • Different fears that will show up every time a person is choosing to activate more of their abundant expression of love in relationships
    • One unique love lesson and the unique grace that will come though by mastering it
    • Read the main love theme before and after 40
    • How to read where a person easily gets conditionened and how to turn it to wisdom

      To support your process I've created a Truth Space for authentic expression


      I realized that true, real, raw, intimate self-expression has been my fast-track to live my abundant expression of love in my relationships.

      I used to be terrible at it, because I didn’t want to reveal my ‘weakness’. But I allowed myself to experience the power of vulnerability and get in contact with the truth that lights me up, expands me and create more abundance of love. Since then every area of my life has blossomed.

      Expression is a catalyst to become intimate with your authentic truth, but expression can also create more separation. To master the difference creates connection over separation.

      Expressing is NOT disempowered complaints. It is an empowering healing process.

      The Truth Space is a secret FaceBook page, where you can commit to explore your intimate truths and get to know what truly lights you up. When you are honest with yourself, then you know what choices will activate your abundant expression of love, in life and relationships.

      You will be guided HOW to find your authentic expression in a way that EMPOWERS you and starts a healing effect in your life.

      In the Truth Space you are encouraged to express in an empowering, real, raw, vulnerable, intimate and healing way. In essence this is a conversation between your reaction and True Spirit.

      You will be free to express anything, stuff that you may have never said to anybody, or not even yet allowed to say to yourself. Thoughts, emotions, events that you may perceive like nobody will love me if they knew this about me. All those vibrations are illusions that separates you from love. They may feel real, but when truth fully sees it, the illusion wakes up. And LOVE is all there is left.

      In the Truth Space nothing will be judged as right or wrong. The listening will be for what's true for you.

      Explore your expression in intimate relationships, with children, parents, friends, business/work, friends... in a way that's truly love for you.

      Explore your truth in a safe environment, where you get a clean reflection of your reality. (In real life you may have gotten people's dirty washing back at you for expressing truth.)

      PS. If English limits your expression due to having a different native language, then you can express in your primary language. FB has a translating function, so everybody who likes to read can press on the translation link.

      What the Truth Space is for:

      A reminder that you have access to truth and choice at any moment in time - within you.

      Learning how to explore your abundant expression of love and say YES to it!

      Get courage to explore your expression even if it breaks the old paradgim (religion, parents, society...)

      Being 100% responsible for your own life and participation. Being 100% responsible for your own actions, therefore your results.

      Enhance your intimate conversation with yourself.

      All your communication will be about YOU, or the meaning you make from other's sharings.


      What the Truth Space is NOT for:

      To come and get fixed/helped/changed/told what to do.

      Fixing/helping/changing/advising other participants.

      A magical fairy to come and transform your life, without you having do anything.

      Join this program and learn how to activate the abundant expression of love in you and others!


      $180/month for a year, total $2160

      Money will be drawn every month the date you join.

      Or, pay-it-all-from start-bonus: $1900