Susanne Billander, META-Medicine Master Trainer, invites you to learn a life changing skill

Learn how to identify the underlying conflict behind a physical symptom and activate your, or your clients, natural healing ability.

Dear Health and Healing Seeker,

There is a bio-logical map that helps us quickly to identify the underlying conflict behind a physical symptom. Knowing the specific organ - brain -psyche connection, helps us to co-work with our body's natural healing process …

Every symptom has meaning...'s as a specific message how you stop yourself to live your divine blueprint.

Many health practitioners are deeply invested in health and spiritual awakening, They know that the body is infinitely intelligent and they know that there is a link between our physical body and our emotions. Yet STILL questions like “Why me?” and “Why now?” arise when a disease or a symptom is plaguing them.

It's even common that they judge themselves when they have a symptom that is showing up in the body, as if it’s a setback or signal that they are not really enlightened. The truth is, that they are only missing some key information.

Our body is an amazing gateway to spiritual awakening. Physical dis-ease occurs either when we are out of alignment with our true nature OR when we just healed on old issue or did a positive change.

Would you like to know more about this life changing bio-logical map?

When you understand the intelligence behind every symptom - in essence the map of your organ, brain and psyche connection and how they work together, you can stop focusing on "Why me?, Why now?" and instead focus on being proactive in your healing and self-expression.

I invite you to join an on-line META-Medicine training, where you will learn about:

  • A diagnostic tool that helps you to quickly find the underlying conflict/pattern behind an illness/symptom.
  • 10 principles, which are rooted in biological natural laws, and how they affect disease and healing.
  • The two phases of dis-ease and how to identify them.
 What symptoms occur during stress and what symptoms show up when the body is regenerating itself.
  • The difference between practical life changes and inner soul-utions. 
That can be the difference between life and death.
  • Whether you are looking to ignite your own healing of a dis-ease, or you are a transformational expert looking for new tools to offer to your clients, you’re invited to experience the power of META-Medicine. Bring a new level of depth and effectiveness to any existing healing work you may currently be doing. META-Medicine combines beautifully with energy healing modalities.
  • In this course you’ll work virtually and with live support from me.

I got more than I expected from training with Susanne Billander. She wasn’t only my teacher, she was my mentor. She guided me through the whole material with this amazing certainty of my own abilities to grasp it and practice it. Countless clearings she did during the time of training were priceless and assisted me in reconnecting with my true self. Her love for people to follow their passion and to be empowered deeply influenced me and I became much more aware of my natural gifts and my life purpose. Susanne is a very warm and kind person. She gives a lot of space to ask questions and she creates this atmosphere of playfulness during exercises, so it doesn’t feel heavy or difficult. She doesn’t just feed information, she gives one bit a time, with time to digest it and encourages to use it as much as possible in practice. The knowledge she openly and willingly shared allows me to assist my family, friends and clients in self-healing and evolving as human beings. Susanne is like a mother that is just beside you to catch you but she allows you to do the walking. Thank you Susanne. My heart if full of gratitude.

Magdalena Szpilka

This is what's included in the
META-Medicine training:

  • Five recorded lessons. The benefit of having them recorded is that you can listen to them again and again, and let the information sink in deeper every time.
  • You'll receive the Power Point's for each webinar.
  • An Organ – Brain – Conflict directory is included, which tells you which conflicts trigger a program in each organ and what the symptoms that occur in conflict/regeneration phase are.
  • Four brain maps where the organ and conflicts are mapped out.

Here's what we’ll be covering 

Lesson 1

  • Learn about how a disease starts and the process that follows from that moment.
  • Discover the two phases of a disease process and how you can identify them.
    You will learn about the 9 major points in the disease process.
  • Learn about the difference between a practical resolution, and an inner transformation on many levels, which I call a soulution.
    That can be the difference between life and death!
  • Learn about the difference between an acute and a chronic process.

Lesson 2

  • In this lesson you will learn about the evolution of the brain.
  • You will get information about the four brain layers.
    What organs that each layer controls, what’s the conflict that triggers the organs and what disease program that starts. For example, there are two types of breast cancer, they belong to different brain layers, there are different conflicts that trigger the cell growth, and one is growing while the conflict is active and the other one when the conflict is solved.

Lesson 3

In this lesson you will learn about the true purpose for the Micro-Organisms. They are biological helpers and play an important role in the healing process! Different types of Micro-Organism are working with a specific brain layer.

Lesson 4

  • It's finally time to learn about the META Analysis Process, meaning how to identify the underlying pattern behind a symptom. There is a step-by-step process to collect information in order to ask a very specific question, which helps a person to get awareness about the underlying conflict.
  • Learn about what energetics that must be in place for a person to heal. You get the chance to experience that yourself.


Lesson 5

    • Learn about the Soul-ution process, which is a Multi-Dimensional Healing approach. As I wrote earlier. That can be the difference between life and death. This approach is not a healing method, but consciousness that you can apply to your current methods.

      If you aren’t a therapist, then you get valuable awareness of important aspects of the healing process.

    • You will get a Therapy Planning Process, that help you to ask yourself or others question in order to get aware of a person’s unique way of healing path. Instead of giving expert advices we get the expert in finding out from each person, what is health for them.

The benefits of learning this material online are:

  • It's a lot of information to take in and is brand new to many students, even those with experience in healing/transformation. Not many can properly integrate and practice this material over the course of a weekend. Therefore it's great to have all information recorded for on-demand review.
  • The structure of this course allows for personal support to you. You have access to me three times for live Q&A teleseminars, where I answer questions and do live analysis.
  • You will not have the inconvenience or expense of traveling to study this modality. I train people and practitioners in different parts of the world.


  • You will get a recorded webinar about “Meta-Medicine & A Multi-Dimensional Healing Process” (Value: $49)
  • Three Month of Meta Support Calls  (Value: $147)


The price for this training is $397

The coming 7 days you can enroll for half price: $197


Two months payment plan is possible!
Pay in two installments of $127 (Total $254)

You are responsible for the money to be in account the date you make the first payment.

"I was introduced to the Natural Principles. Within a few hours, my concepts of why people become ill and how they can heal were changed around. After years of working in the medical profession, all the pieces started to come together of why emotions can trigger illnesses. Far from being another nebulous holistic concept, The Natural Principles was founded by a German doctor who has meticulously provided the radiological and histological evidence for the system. The result is nothing short of a revolution for science and medicine providing a quantum leap forward in integrated health paradigms. Susanne Billander is a superb trainer, who not only provides the intellectual framework for this system, but also conveys a deep sense of holism and unity that goes beyond words. I thoroughly recommend this course.

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton, MBBS, GP and author of Punk Science

I dare to say that the knowledge and the deep insights that this course brings with it, has the potential to change humanity. Susanne and her simple, accessible and responsive way to teach, has added so many more dimensions to my own therapeutic practice. This is the knowledge I have not found anywhere else. Thanks to the insight of the Natural Principles, I can now, with a greater accuracy, guide myself and my clients into vitality, health, and the true potential that we all carry. This course is a milestone in my life and work, an invaluable piece of the puzzle I have been searching for!
Thanks Susanne for you, with your whole heart, being dedicated to help humanity by sharing about Natural Principles. I know this is a tool to create a more humane world, where we all have the ability to see ourselves, each other and our bodies in an entirely new and a much more beautiful light.

Ronya Helander - Yoga Therapist

Susanne Billander is an awake spiritual teacher and an international trainer in META-Medicine. She has been teaching the underlying causes behind the different dis-ease processes, and the art of multi-dimensional healing, for 12 years.

Susanne is the author of ‘META-Health – Conscious Healing of the Body and Soul’.

Her unique approach assists clients and students to awaken their unique blueprint and guides them in how to live their unique expression in their physical life. Living true to your blueprint is how you can heal every area of your life.

If you for any reason didn’t find value in this training, then I return you the money within 30 days from purchase. No questions asked.

The price for this training is $397

The coming 7 days you can enroll for half price: $197


Two months payment plan is possible!
Pay in two installments of $127 (Total $254)

You are responsible for the money to be in account the date you make the first payment.