Become the FREE WOMAN you and humanity truly longs for!

Susanne Billander shares her abundance teachings for FREE!

Learn how to create an abundant human life by living your unique and authentic expression of love, feminine energy and sexuality.


We live in a time when we women can choose to be free, but during my years as a multi-dimensional guide it has become clear that people's limiting definition of love is the root of lack in the human experience. Choices from what we think love is creates dis-eases, energetic or actual separation in relationships, lack of money.

The reality is that many have turned the feminine energy in to a life sucking prison. Sacrifice and compromise yourself does NOT support you receiving what you truly long for.

Your abundant expression of love, feminine energy and sexuality can only be experienced when you ACT true to yourself.

Join – for FREE -  a powerful group of women who are committing to learn how to choose abundance over lack and enjoy the power of being true their unique expression in all their relationships. Women who steps in to the power of unconditional love becomes humanity leaders.

The leader of this group Susanne Billander has a vision to inspire and guide as many women as possible towards creating an abundant life, by living their unique and authentic expression of love, feminine energy and sexuality.

Tune into what the increase of free and be-you-to-fully abundant women co-creates on the planet!

Truth is light and expanding  
Your unique truth sets you FREE
You being true to yourself is LOVE 
That's universal law

From that space unconditional love is natural in your relationships!

Why is it still difficult to make true choices and give birth to the reality we love?


There are three challenges:

1. We have been taught not to put ourselves first. We have been taught how to be a good wife, mother, worker, friend, citizen.
2. Self-expressed women, sexuality and desiring pleasure in our human life are seen as sins in most religions. Many have been controlled by shame (being made wrong) in regards to these desires.
3. There’s not one way of  ‘Do like this and you become happy ever after’  - There’s only your UNIQUE way.

We are all designed in a unique divine blueprint. When you express your Divine energy in HOW you do relationships, then you will get to know true unconditional love. The problem is that most people have lost contact with who they are and what’s true for them. But our state doesn't lie.

Choices from TRUE SELF creates love, joy, abundance, freedom, gratitude.

Choices from NOT SELF creates your reaction to lack; frustration, sadness bitterness, anger, resentment.

Trying to be a ‘good’ woman, parent, lover, friend citizen, employee, entrepreneur, spiritual/religious person, based on what is seen to be virtues, is taking many further from the oasis of the abundance of authentic expression. When it gets blocked it leaves the health/abundance/relationships in the desert.

I chose to become a FREE woman
- spiritually, financially and sexually


IMG_20150523_110534 (1)


I have done a journey in discovering my abundant expression of love. which generated the freedom to be myself in relationship to EVERYTHING. It also activated my feminine energy and it started to make love with the masculine energy within me, which means being supported by the WHOLE vital life force. In this intimate contact with life, I've creates abundance in all areas of life.

I am passionate in inspiring as many as possible to choose to become FREE to live the abundance of making love with life.

Authentic expression opens you to become intimate with yourSELF and start to make love with life!


Expression is a catalyst to get intimate with your authentic truth, but expression can also create more separation. To Master the difference creates abundance over lack.

I realized that true, real, raw, intimate self-expression has been my fast track to create a life of abundance.

I used to be terrible at it, because I didn’t want to reveal my ‘weakness’. But I allowed myself to experience the power of vulnerability and get in contact with the truth that lights me up, expands me and create more abundance of love. Since then every area of my life has blossomed.


I am inviting you to a Truth Space
to explore your abundant expression of love


Women have a need to express. Sharing can be disempowered complaints or empowering, which starts a healing process.

The Truth Space is a virtual forum where you can commit to explore your intimate truths and get to know what truly lights you up. When you are honest with yourself, then you know what choices that will activate your abundant expression of love in life and relationships.

You will be trained in HOW to find your authentic expression in a way that EMPOWERS you and starts a healing effect in your life. It may mean that you don't even share it with the person who triggered your conflict.

In the Truth Space you are encouraged to express in an empowering, real, raw, vulnerable, intimate and healing way. In essence this is a conversation between your reaction and True Spirit. Yet the power of sharing catalyzes the process. Why? Isolation holds energy. Behind every dis-ease there is something unexpressed and isolated within you. The healing process is to express that, which gets the energy moving.

You will be free to express anything, stuff that you may have never said to anybody, or not even yet allowed to say to yourself. Thoughts, emotions, events that you may perceive 'nobody will love me if they knew this about me'. All those vibrations are illusions that separates you from love. They may feel real, but when truth looks at it in the eye, the illusion wakes up. And LOVE IS ALL THERE IS left.

In the Truth Space nothing will be judged as right or wrong. The listening will be for what's true for you.

You are invited to become HONEST with your sensual and sexual expression. That's where you can discover that human life is pleasures beyond sex.  Dare to go beyond family, society, spiritual and religious norms.

Explore HOW would you do relationship with your children, intimate relationships, parents, friends, business/work, friends... in a way that's truly love for you?

Explore your truth in a safe environment, where you have no energy cords with anybody. So that you get to know what empowered new actions that represent your abundant expression of love. Because ultimately you will only shift your human reality through new SELF-expressed actions.

So let's summarize what is offered

 A monthly subscription to the Truth Space where you get:

    • Become TRAINED IN AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION. Live 30th August at 8pm UK time. Learn the formula of empowering and healing expression. The training is recorded and you will get access to it as soon as you enroll.
    • Become part of a secret FB group, which will be the TRUTH SPACE for expressions. The formula for expression will be the one all women will go through, by themselves, before expressing. The intention is to empower you to get to know your authentic truth.
    • One LIVE WEBINAR per month with Susanne. She will tune in to the magic of the present moment and transmit a multi-dimensional energy shifting experience, and highlight areas to explore within yourself. She will also take a few questions from participants and let them also become a healing guidance to the group.

    Join this Truth Space and explore your abundant expression of love

    Your investment: $19 per month subscription

    You can stop the subscription any time you chose to in the future.

    What this Truth Space is for:

    A reminder that you got access to truth at any moment in time - within in you.

    Learning how to explore your intimate truth and say YES to it through acting in alignment with it. That's how you give birth to a reality YOU love.

    Get brave to explore your truth even if it breaks an old paradigm (religion, parents, society...)

    Activate self-expression in an empowering and life changing way.

    Being 100% responsible for your own life and participation. Being 100% responsible for your own actions therefor your results.

    Enhance your intimate conversation with yourself.

    All your communication will be about YOU, or the meaning you make from other women's sharings.

    Celebration of break frees.

    What this Truth Space is NOT for:

    To come and get fixed/helped/changed/told what to do.

    Fixing/helping/changing/advising other participants.

    A magical fairy that transforms your life without you having to participate.

    Susanne Billander is the leader for the Truth Space

    I'm a multi-dimensional guide, who helps women to remember their divine blueprint and activate that UNIQUE expression in their HUMAN LIFE. Choosing to live our divine abundance blueprint is healing ALL areas of our life - And it creates a life we LOVE.

    Today I make love with life, supported by the feminine and masculine energy. It wasn't always like this. I used to live a 'normal' life in Sweden, mostly freezing and frustrated about motherhood. I felt that I had so much more potential in my business and I didn't allow true intimacy as 'I had to be in charge'.

    In 2012 I made life changing choices. To increase the abundance in my business and to move to Costa Rica. That process became a self-actualization activation. Now I live in a new eco-house in an ECO Village in Costa Rica with my two kids. Work is my passion and generates an abundant income. My relationship is a match made in heaven. I’m truly grateful to experience how it feels when two self-sustainable human beings relate. My lifestyle is vibrant beyond should/must/have to. Life IS.

    Join this Truth Space and explore your abundant expression of love

    Your investment: 450$

    You can pay in three installments of 170$ (total 510$)