Susanne Billander in association with NLP World invites you to join:

A Unique META-Health Workshop!

This invitation is for you who have already participated in Susanne's META-Health level 1 online training. You are now invited to join this unique live weekend to a special offer.

All participants needs to go through the online training (META-Health level 1) thoroughly before the live weekend. That gives us space to dive into the wisdom behind the META Practice.

The Live Weekend

We will meet 24-25 October 2020 from 9-5 both days, via ZOOM or in Brighton at the Hilton hotel.

  • Practice and find the underlying conflicts behind your symptoms and discover your unique healing process.
  • Group Activations: Guidance to activate your feminine and masculine energy as well as your mother and father energy. That "healing cross" will catalyse your healing ability!
  • Q&A sessions where the answer to every question has the intention to catalyse healing shifts for the whole group.
  • The possibility of receiving Susanne's catalysing input in your META-Analys and Multi-Dimensional Healing Process.

NEW - Join The Live Weekend via Zoom

If travel restrictions stops you from joining the live weekend, then you can now join us via zoom. The META- Analysis exercises will be arranged with other online participants in cyber training rooms. 

The early-bird-price for this unique workshop is:

  $149 (Around £115)

(Normal price for this live weekend is: $298)

Susanne Billander is a multi-dimensional guide and teacher. The past 17 years she has been an international META-Health Master Trainer. Susanne is the author of  META-Health – Conscious Healing of the Body and Soul". Her unique approach assists clients and students to awaken their unique expression.


Living true to your blueprint is how you can heal every area of your life - the true source of abundance!

"I was introduced to the Natural Principles. Within a few hours, my concepts of why people become ill and how they can heal were changed around. After years of working in the medical profession, all the pieces started to come together of why emotions can trigger illnesses. Far from being another nebulous holistic concept, The Natural Principles was founded by a German doctor who has meticulously provided the radiological and histological evidence for the system. The result is nothing short of a revolution for science and medicine providing a quantum leap forward in integrated health paradigms. Susanne Billander is a superb trainer, who not only provides the intellectual framework for this system, but also conveys a deep sense of holism and unity that goes beyond words. I thoroughly recommend this course.

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton, MBBS, GP and author of Punk Science

I dare to say that the knowledge and the deep insights that this course brings with it, has the potential to change humanity. Susanne and her simple, accessible and responsive way to teach, has added so many more dimensions to my own therapeutic practice. This is the knowledge I have not found anywhere else. Thanks to the insight of the Natural Principles, I can now, with a greater accuracy, guide myself and my clients into vitality, health, and the true potential that we all carry. This course is a milestone in my life and work, an invaluable piece of the puzzle I have been searching for!
Thanks Susanne for you, with your whole heart, being dedicated to help humanity by sharing about Natural Principles. I know this is a tool to create a more humane world, where we all have the ability to see ourselves, each other and our bodies in an entirely new and a much more beautiful light.

Ronya Helander - Yoga Therapist

I got more than I expected from training with Susanne Billander. She wasn’t only my teacher, she was my mentor. She guided me through the whole material with this amazing certainty of my own abilities to grasp it and practice it. Countless clearings she did during the time of training were priceless and assisted me in reconnecting with my true self. Her love for people to follow their passion and to be empowered deeply influenced me and I became much more aware of my natural gifts and my life purpose. Susanne is a very warm and kind person. She gives a lot of space to ask questions and she creates this atmosphere of playfulness during exercises, so it doesn’t feel heavy or difficult. She doesn’t just feed information, she gives one bit a time, with time to digest it and encourages to use it as much as possible in practice. The knowledge she openly and willingly shared allows me to assist my family, friends and clients in self-healing and evolving as human beings. Susanne is like a mother that is just beside you to catch you but she allows you to do the walking. Thank you Susanne. My heart if full of gratitude.

Magdalena Szpilka

The early-bird-price for this unique workshop is:

  $149 (Around £115)

(Normal price for this live weekend is: $298)