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    After trying different courses and workshops I can honestly say that Susanne's program is out-of-this-world. The transformation I went through during the abundance coaching has been profound. It truly exceeded my expectations. I had no idea that I will re-built myself to such an extent. I've realized how out of tune I was and how my healing practice, finances, relationships and energy level were reflecting it. It came to the point that I started to resent what I was doing. Today I get up with a smile on my face and I have clear vision for my life!
    Susanne's expertise, depth of the energy work is truly life changing. Being in her presence, being with the energies she embodies had enormous impact and transformed me on so many levels. I can't thank Susanne enough. It was a true blessing to have her as a coach. It was one of the best of the best investments in my life so far! I would recommend working with her to anyone who seriously wants to live congruent life, aligned with their soul purpose.

    Magdalena Szpilka

    Susanne's wisdom and knowledge around conflicts within illnesses is huge. Her playfulness and ease makes everything a lot easier to meet, even if you happen to be in a middle of a conflict. That playfulness also plays an important role in her teacher role, as she can easily meet all the energies we need to understand. When I see and hear it, then I experience the vast complexity of it all with ease.  She radiates the light of a Master, and the best of all - she gives you the mirror of it, which gives you the possibility to awaken the Master within you. As a result of that, things that seems so vast and complex like illnesses and pain, turns into the pureness it came from - Pure Life! Susanne is a Master in the meeting conflict with so much love and curiosity, that the conflict itself  feel so proud of all the attention, that it burst open! And, the power of that makes it transform itself to the source of Love it came from.  In that moment a deep respect for Life awakens and finds its way Home. As a Teacher Susanne has a structured way of teaching and shares her art of wisdom on a very high level, where she methodically journeys through the facts around the subject she teaches. A splendid cocktail of energies in a combination that reflects abundance!

    Åsa Brita Simonsson

    Why is it still difficult to make true choices and activate 'Make love with life'?


    During my years as a multi-dimensional guide it has become clear that people's limiting definition of love is the root of lack in the human experience. Choices we make from what we think love is can create dis-eases, energetic or actual separation in relationships and lack of money.

    The reality is that many have turned the feminine energy in to a life sucking prison. Sacrifice and compromise does NOT support receiving the abundance you truly desire.

    There are three challenges:

    1. We have been taught not to put ourselves first. We have been taught how to be a good wife, mother, worker, friend, citizen...


    2. Self-expressed women, sexuality and desiring pleasure in our human life are seen as sins in many religions. It's common to be controlled by shame in regards to these desires.


    3. There’s no one way of  ‘Do like this and you become happy ever after’  - There’s only your UNIQUE way!


    We are all designed with a unique divine blueprint. When you express your Divine energy in your relationships, then you will get to know true unconditional love. The problem is that most people have lost contact with who they are and what’s true for them. But we have feedback.

    Choices from TRUE SELF create love, joy, abundance, freedom and gratitude...

    Choices from NOT SELF create frustration, sadness, bitterness, anger, resentment...

    Trying to be a ‘good’ woman, parent, lover, friend, citizen, employee, entrepreneur, spiritual/religious person, based on what are seen to be virtues by society, takes many women further from the oasis of the abundance of authentic expression. When the authentic expression is blocked, it leaves the health, abundance and relationships in the desert.