Are you stopping yourself from having a life you love - in the name of love?

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In this training I'll teach you how YOU can activate your unique and abundant expression of love

Learn how to choose abundance over lack by following your inner compass and enjoying the power of unconditional love in all your relationships.


    • The polarity of life changing transformation
    • Learn about your UNIQUE way to making love with life
    • If it is THAT SIMPLE, why does it feel challenging?
    • The one choice that give birth to unconditional relationships YOU love.
    • The power of healing expression. What it is and what it's not.

    BONUS: You will also get invited to a 30 min FREE monthly Q&A webinar. You get the chance to ask Susanne about the main theme in your unique expression of love, the main theme in your life purpose, the underlying conflict behind a physical symptom, business questions... Susanne will pick a few questions and let the answer become an invitation to a energy shift for the WHOLE group.

    Your Host for this training

    Susanne Billander

    I'm a multi-dimensional guide, who help women to remember their divine blueprint and activate that UNIQUE expression in their HUMAN LIFE. Choosing to live our divine abundance blueprint is healing ALL areas of our life - And it creates a life we LOVE. My vision is to inspire as many women as possible to activate the FREEDOM we have in this lifetime. We can choose to be FREE - spiritually, financially and sexually. I did make that choice for myself. Today I make love with life, supported by the feminine and masculine energy. It wasn't always like this. I used to live an ok life in Sweden, mostly freezing, frustrated about motherhood, felt that I had so much more potential in my business and I didn't allow true intimacy as 'I had to be in charge'. 2012 I made life changing choices. To increase the abundance in my business and to move to Costa Rica. That process became a self-actualiztion activation. Now I live in a new built house in an ECO Village in Costa Rica with my two kids. Work is my passion and generates an abundant income. My relationship is a match made in heaven. Truly grateful to experience how it feels when two self-sustainable human beings relate. My lifestyle is vibrant beyond should/must/have to. Life IS.