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Susanne Billander

I'm a multi-dimensional activator, who guides women to remember their divine blueprint and activate that UNIQUE expression in their HUMAN LIFE. Choosing to live our divine abundance blueprint heals all areas of our life - And it creates a life we LOVE.

Today I make love with life, supported by the feminine and masculine energy. It wasn't always like this. I used to live a 'normal' life in Sweden, mostly freezing and frustrated about motherhood and not knowing how to create abundance in my business.

In 2012, I made life changing choices that increased the abundance in my business by being fully self-expressed and I moved to Costa Rica. That process became a self-actualization activation. I now live in a new house that I built in an Eco Village in Costa Rica with my two children. My work is my passion and generates an abundant income. My intimate relationship is a match made in heaven. I’m truly grateful to experience how it feels when two self-sustainable humans relate unconditionally. I discovered my abundant nature beyond should/must/have to. Life IS.