How to manifest your Abundant Spirit
and activate 'make love with life'


Connect with your divine blueprint to live your true meaning of abundance!


Many conscious health practitioners can easily feel abundance when they are alone meditating, when they are with like minded people or when they are sharing their gifts with others. But very few have the abundance level they truly desire within this physical world.

Most start their business for similar reasons – to do the work they are passionate about, be their own leader so they can decide how to work and when to work and balance work with family life.

Instead of achieving the life they dream of, may end up spending more time thinking or even worrying of where the money to survive will come from.

Instead of relaxing after a great day at work they are left wondering ”When will my next client or training opportunity show up?”


Do you experience this gap between what's reality and what you desire in order to feel free and thrive?


Have you spent years clearing limiting decisions, emotions, attending workshops, learning new skills, becoming more competent, and began to wonder why isn't the physical experience changing faster?

This often raises a big question mark. If we know ourselves as abundant beings, we see abundance in future visions and can feel abundant feelings, why is not abundance showing up for us in the physical dimension?


What are you longing for that represents abundance for you?

Many associate abundance with money, but it is not really money you are longing for – but what that money represents for you.

Abundance for you might represent being self-sustainable, free to express, empowerment, love, balance, harmony, joy, relating, success, building your dream house, safety, health... and the list goes on.

What you long for is to experience who you truly are, but feel disconnected from.

There is only one way to manifest a life where you feel free and thrive - and that is to live aligned with your unique Blueprint.

Your blueprint is the unique divine expression that your Spirit is created in.

If living our blueprint is our most natural state, then why is it that hardly anyone doing that in the world?


That fact is not strange due to the collective energy of the last millines! But there is a shift happening.

For a very long time the individual has been schooled to sacrifice and give up one self to benefit the survival of the tribe. In that culture it’s easier to make choices that are not aligned with our true nature.

Still there will be a consequence and a shutting down of our true expression in form of a ”snow ball effect”. You put limitations in place to make it easier to live in the limited reality and you energetically forget who you really are and what your really want.

These limitations often become blind spots, therefore they can be difficult to recognize do something about on your own. If you haven’t changed your life experience even though you have tried for some time, then you would benefit to work with somebody who have embodied the result you are intending to have.

Having a guide who is only interested in your awakening of the blueprint path is truly a blessing and the best gift we can give ourselves.

The new energy that is entering the planet is rooted in Abundant Spirit. Now you can only be abundant/healthy/free if you are true to the blueprint your Spirit was created in!

When you commit to the path of actualizing your desires, that is the path of restoring your blueprint. Expressing and acting in alignment with your blueprint is creating a physical platform where abundance can show up in your physical life.

Also, the more of us who are choosing to restore our blueprint and live aligned with our Abundant Spirit, the faster we can co-create a new society that reflects harmony on the planet.

Ready to manifest your unique abundance here on Earth?

I have the skills to read your original blueprint and where there are misalignments, then I can assist you to both release old patterns and guide you toward actions that are aligned with your blueprint. Your blueprint becomes the compass for how you do things in every area of your life.

With profound consciousness about who you are, then you can stop guessing and instead know your way of manifesting abundance.

If restoring your Abundance Blueprint resonates with you right now, and if you are ready to invest in yourself in regards to money, time, actions that are aligned with your truth, then I would love to have a personal conversation with you to explore if we are the right fit for doing an individual program that makes the difference.

Click on this link, fill out the brief application form, and let’s find out what level of abundance is available to YOU, right now.

Once you complete the application form, I will contact you to book a no-cost conversation to explore if I am the right catalyst for you and if you are ready to fully embrace living your Abundant Spirit!

If not now is the time, when is it?

How much does it cost now NOT to live true to your Abundant Spirit?

If this is for you, then you are a Spirit-driven truth seeker and you probably think along the lines ”I would regret if I didn’t give myself the gift to be myself 100% in this life 

To your Abundant Spirit!
Susanne Billander



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  • This Abundant Spirit individual program involves an 4 figure investment. Are you ready to invest in Susanne being the right catalyst for you and if you are ready to activate your Abundant Spirit on all levels of your life? If so, submit this form by pressing the button below. Susanne then places her attention on your outcomes and willingness to succeed. Not everyone gets to see her, as time and places are limited. Please do not take it personally if she cannot see you. It just means now is not exactly the right time, yet the right time will come!