In the webinar "From Free to Freed" I'll share that the added "d"...

  • ... can not be bought - it is free!
  • ... transforms your heart to a pure one
  • ... makes you a true spiritual authority
  • ... shifts your life from the law of death to the law of Life
  • ... allows you to stop anything that have to do with self; self-development, self-healing, self-love, self-sufficiency , self-respect...
  • To be freed is as close as ONE choice! That choice made me get in contact with what I had longed for my whole life!

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Susanne Billander

Even before I was two years old, a self-preservation drive was born that I would master. I started making money early to be able to give myself what I wanted. The ability to make money became my security. What we train we become good at. Before I was 40, I had the experience that I had created everything I wanted, including generating an income from investments that made me not have to work. I created that reality by making my unique expression as a solo entrepreneur. When I reached my goals, there was no longer anything I wanted. I was free on the physical plane, but I was still not fulfilled. I was still not in contact with God even though I spent 20 years trying to clear the blockages that were in the way of contact with God. That onion with all the layers…

For two years I knew that something new would come and 'take over' my current way of seeing life. All of a sudden it came. The truth seeker found the answer. I came in contact with the Way, the Truth and the Life - the only way to God. And it went fast! The moment I came in contact with God, peace came over me. God gave me a mission for four hours in total contact with the light without darkness. I now share the path to true contact with God, as well as the process of moving into your place in God's order, which is like putting the plug in the plug to all God is. You are welcome to take the free education "From Free To Freed" further up on the website.